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Top 5 music institutes

11 October 2018

By their history or the success stories of their both past and present students, some music institutes shine amongst others.
As musiconline, we have gathered 5 of those big guns.

    • The Juilliard School

Located in the New York City and the dream of almost every musician, The Juilliard School has been up and running since 1905. Although it offers education for everyone from primary school to the graduate level, the administration is so picky that only 7% of the applicants were accepted in the recent years.
One must surely be gifted to be a part of The Juilliard. 6 year old Anwne Geng Juilliard was accepted in 2016 and is the youngest student of the school. Some other well known figures that are raised by The Juilliard are: Itzhak Perlman - one of the greatest violinist of 21st century, Miles Davis - the legend of Jazz and Chick Corea - almost all compositions of whom are considered to be the Jazz standard.

    • Berklee College of Music

One of the most prominent schools of music, Berklee, is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The total number of Grammy’s won by the graduates of Berklee so far is: 266.
Berklee is active in Turkey as well. Arif Mardin scholarship program has been run by Berklee since 2007. The institute named the program after one of its ‘61 graduates Arif Mardin and funds 5 students for their summer school every year.

    • Royal Academy of Music

Being founded in 1822, Royal Academy of Music is located in London and its curriculum focuses mostly on classical music. However, there are education programs for jazz, musical, theater and opera as well.
Having one of the most important libraries, Royal Academy of Music owns approximately 160.000 artwork and a museum.

    • Le Conservatoire de Paris

As its name indicates, Le Conservatoire de Paris is located in Paris and offering a variety of education programs, such as dance, music and drama. Music & dance and drama & theatre are serving as the two main categories since 1946. The institute has a giant museum, which is established in 1861, and a concert hall with 1055 seats designed by François-Jacques Dellanoy.

    • Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien

Having a capacity of 3000, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien is one of the biggest musical institutes out there. Including the International Beethoven Piano Competition, also known as Internationaler Beethoven Klavierwettbewerb, the school holds 10 different competitions every year. MDW also accepts students via student exchange programs such as Erasmus.


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