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Unforgettable Songs

9 November 2019

Unforgettable songs that we couldn't help ourselves with accompanying them while playing are the subject of this week's article. As musiconline, we have selected some of the songs that have not been forgotten until 1930s, 50s, 70s, 2000s and today.

Here are the unforgettable songs made their marks in periods!

Once you listen, you will add to the list of unforgotten with the powerful voice of Gloria Gaynor and she deletes the share of both our minds and ideas and our ears, such as the name of the song that gives life energy; I will survive.

One of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to romance is Portofino. This city, which has one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, is famous for its song as well as its scenery. Click here to listen to Dalida’s interpretation of the song, which leads to exciting and happy dreams as you listen, convincing you to find love in Portofino.

Her life story, the unforgettable French artist Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose song called ‘Little Sparrow’ makes you feel like you want to learn French and will be invited to waltz in the middle of a ball.

In our Best Soundtracks article, Dance Me to the End of Love with the movie Scent of A Woman is also included in our list. The song reveals the film frame with the impressive voice of Leonard Cohen.

A descriptor of a visual feast at one of the world's most crowded concerts. The legendary song that will continue to be an unforgettable song even after many years is; We Will Rock You. It is almost impossible to listen without thumping out.

Another music group who is the host of the world’s most crowded concerts is Metallica. Given concerts in Turkey many times, their not only one song but also their albums are in the lists of unforgettable songs. An unforgettable song accompanied by people who are not familiar with metal music genre; Nothing else matters.

'Lazy but cute cat', sound familiar? Garfield's soundtrack to the charts with the moving song instantly elevates our energy and feels good, no matter what mode we are in. :) Here's James Brown's memorable rendition and I Feel good.

The Song of The World star Madonna La Isla Bonita , which most of us have definitely included in their playlists, is one of the songs that transcend time by coming up to the present day after it was released in 1986. The song that made us dance cheerfully in the discotheques of its era, now gives us the spirit of nostalgia.

Maybe we're used to having movies of books on the screen, but having a movie of a song? That song, of course; is Bohemian Rhapsody. Not only today, but even years later, Queen's works of art will remain in our minds.

Finally, we added a must-have Eminem song to the list of the forgotten. It still gives us encouragement when we hear Lose Yourself, maybe still tongue-tied for years.

We will continue to mention these legendary songs and new ones in our next articles. You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us through our social media accounts to get immediate information about our new articles.

Stay with the music.

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