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What are Online Music Lessons?

16 April 2020

Words that we all heard frequently in recent days; online interview, online courses, teleconference and distance education… So how much information do we have about online classes? Is it possible and useful to take an online music lesson? As musiconline, we tried to answer the questions about online music lessons in our blog post today.

With the rapid development of technology, we can use devices such as tablets, phones and computers to reach all kinds of information quickly. When we lose our way, search for a word we don't know, cooking, playing games, sharing photos... In short, these devices are with us every moment of our lives. While this is the case, as we are told that we should stay in our home, these devices, which are connected to the internet, are coming to the rescue.

Why online education?

Especially in the last 10 years, factors such as increased traffic and transportation problems in the cities, financial possibilities, time constraints and access to correct information have played a major role in laying the foundations of online education. These devices, which are under the control of most of us, have gone beyond being able to access information easily and started to offer us the information we previously obtained only from institutions such as schools, universities and libraries through certain programs. Turkish academist and politician Yılmaz Büyükerşen, who acted before many educational institutions in the world and implemented the Distance Education System in 1982, has provided millions of students who have received education in Eskişehir Anadolu University and continue to receive education by staying at their homes, and it has set an example for other universities with its infrastructure and communication network. The lessons that can be accessed from television at that time are offered to students through the internet today.

Why Online Music Lessons?

Music has a place in almost all of our lives, regardless of genre. Some of us just turn up the sound of the radio, some of us play an instrument as a hobby, some of us are educated in institutions such as conservatory, and we are engaged in music. Music education institutions and private courses existing in certain cities offer their students opportunities such as socializing, learning music and having a good time. However, it is difficult to say that everyone can easily reach an institution close to their home, at a reasonable price and with an instructor suitable for the type of lesson they want to take. Even though the teachers who came home brought some solution to this problem, the variety of services offered by technology now makes online education more attractive and practical.

What is musiconline?

First in Turkey, second in the world after Live Music Tutor, musiconline is not an educational institution, it is an online music lessons platform which brings teacher and student together online and one-on-one.

How do online lessons take place?

The user, who watches the trainer's available hours on the website, can access music lessons through any device, which has a microphone, a camera and internet connection, by sending a reservation request.

With the system developed specifically for musiconline, you can access information 24/7 from all over the world, and you can monitor your lectures for 7 days retrospectively and refresh your knowledge.

Can students of all levels take courses online?

Yes, we organize a trial course for level determination. We provide the opportunity to take courses with a personalized program prepared in line with the knowledge and demands of the student.

Is online education beneficial?

We have mentioned the benefits of online music lessons in our previous blog posts . The demands of the student, current knowledge, compliance with the instructor, regular time allocation, having the necessary materials for the lesson and directing the student by the instructor are the primary factors in whether online education is useful or not. In addition, just like in offline lessons, issues such as frequent repetition of information and performing homework are also important for education to be efficient.

Are online lessons safe for kids?

Especially with the covid-19 outbreak, all institutions and private teachers started to switch to distance education and online course service through certain programs. However, especially for individuals under the age of 18, it is necessary to control what kind of education is provided through which program and device, and the content provided should be appropriate and appropriate for children. In the musiconline, which keeps this issue first from the very first day, it is necessary to request membership by the family in order for those under the age of 18 to use the system. Even if the child and the trainer are left alone during the lessons, we advise parents to watch the recordings of the lessons that have taken place, and we also inform the parents on every subject related to the lesson. Yet, we would like to remind you that we must pass the devices we give our children's access through a certain security control and access restriction. musiconline is coherent with COPPA as a website that provides access to accurate information in a reliable environment. For detailed information, see; COPPA Compliance and Practices for Children.

We will continue to answer your questions about online education and online music lessons in the next blog posts. You can write us your concerns and suggestions about music, and you can request an online trial lesson by sign up to our system in beta.

We wish you healthy and musical days.

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