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Best Music Schools

16 July 2020

'Best Music Schools', which many musicians dream of getting an education but are so difficult to accept and study or even graduate from, is the subject of our blog post today.


In the past months, we shared the ' Top 5 Music Institutes ' with you on the musiconline blog. This week, we have listed 5 of the music schools that provide professional music education for you. Let's examine the music schools, which are also known as private conservatories, with the support of people/institutions in this series of blog posts that will be continued.

1- New England Conservatory (Boston, USA)

New England Music Conservatory , which competes with the Berklee College we mentioned in our previous blog post and which most musicians dream of, is very popular among artist-nominated students. New England, known for being one of the oldest and best music schools in the world since its founding in 1867, has managed to maintain its prestige despite being in stark competition with its competitors.
Berklee is known for its pop stars and rock bands, while the New England Conservatory educates the great artists of the future, mainly in classical music, string, and wind instruments. It also conducts a 5-year collaboration with Harvard University.

2- Yale School of Music (New Heaven, USA)

Yale School of Music is one of the best music schools in the world, having become free for students in the past 10 years when a former graduate millionaire donated 100 million$. At the school, which only accepts students who wish to pursue master studies, most students also have the opportunity to gain an environment by meeting the most special talents of the magical city of New York. Yale School of Music also has the distinction of being the highest number of professional music graduates in the world.

3- Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Ohio, USA)

Founded in 1833, Oberlin Conservatory of Music is what we might call America's oldest school of music. With around 600 students, Oberlin has a student capacity that is 3 times smaller than the equivalent schools, or even 8 times smaller than Berklee. 90% of the students benefit from the scholarships offered by the school and the co-operative schools offer their students the chance of a 5-year double major, causing applications to Oberlin Conservatory to increase year by year.

4- Moscow Imperial Conservatory (Moscow, Russia)

Moscow Imperial Conservatory is one of the best music schools in the world and one of the schools with the most valuable building in Russia. Founded in 1866, the conservatory has a rich history but has managed to train numerous artists such as Richter, Ashkenazy, Kabalevsky, Rachmaninoff. The school offers bachelor's and master's degrees in musical performance and musical research.

5- Eastman School of Music (New York, USA)

George Eastman, owner of the Kodak company, the founder of Eastman School of Music , on the last row of our list, sets out to create an organization that will produce music for silent films. An important point that Eastman left other schools on our list is; Hollywood history, we can say. Although it is a bit more expensive than the others, the school's motto is that every student accepted in some way can benefit from different types of scholarship; So ESM; 'Eat, Sleep, Music.'

You can find our post on the conservatories in Turkey in detail here .

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