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Road Trip Songs - 2

30 July 2020

With the arrival of summer and the lifting of the ban imposed by Covid-19, holiday plans have begun to be made. This week on musiconline, we have selected beautiful songs that will accompany you on your travels as a continuation of our Road Trip Songs blog post series.


Many of us prefer to listen to music in public transportation or travels in our own car. Sometimes, while we are in traffic, whatever plays on the radio, the place of the music we listen to on long journeys is different. Some of us prefer ready-made lists on Spotify, some of us combine the songs we marked earlier and create a new list. If you do not have time to list or if you are one of those who are open to suggestions, this blog post is for you. Although the style of the selected music varies according to the person, we have chosen the songs that will make you rest and feel better on the long road. Let's take a look at the songs featured on this list together;

The first of our songs from different genres that will give you pleasure on your travels comes from Post Malone; On the Road

If we travel by car, Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire and Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men might be a good choice.

Songs to be played on journeys at night; Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted , Miya Folick Talking with Strangers and Karsu Jazzcat

One of the most beautiful songs that can be a companion on travels; Ne Jupiter Kayıp Evren Atlası and Adamlar Sarılırım Birine

Let's go to the recent past; Vance Joy - Riptide and Florence + The Machine - Dogs Days Are Over

You can find our entire list on the Spotify link below.

Our road trip songs series will continue in the coming weeks. Don't forget to write to us about the song you want us to add to the list.

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We wish everyone who is going to travel a pleasant journey.

Remember taking your precaution ?

and stay with the music.

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