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Music, Brain And Universe

29 December 2018

Throughout the entire human history, music was there for communication, entertainment and even for healing. The close relationship between music and universe is yet to be proven by many different studies soon.

Both visual and audial art is used for mass communication and symbolic representation of certain ideas for years. Music specifically, is positioned at the intersection of neurobiology, neurophysiology and culture. Scientific studies in recent history shows the link between nervous system and music. Both producing and listening music changes the life experience in their own ways.

Human ear can only detect frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz. Despite its limited anatomy, humankind found a way to use voice in an artistic way. In addition to musicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and healer figures of ancient times has put a lot of emphasis on the importance of human voice. Some even claimed that voice can have strong indications about one's mindset and psychology.

Effects of music on human body is a whole another topic to be discussed and we've delved into it before. And by human body, we mean every part.

Let's put the whole musical instruments aside. Even the human voice itself is can be seen as a musical instrument and it can produce harmonious tones when used properly. Singing is basically a mechanical process performed by certain muscles, is a natural feature of human body. So it is fair to say that, music is one of the purest outcomes of our bodies, our existence and hence our universe.

Universe is like a big voice recorder!

We know that the size of universe is way over what our brains can comprehend. It contains whatever existed from the very beginning of time. This is not a fantasy or an emotional statement, this is a fact with its roots on physics.

According to the very fundamental rules of physics, energy can change form but can't be destroyed. Since any little sound we make is a form of energy another fair statement would be that anything we say or any song we sing is stored in universe. We may not hear it (things would be different of course with a voice recorder) but it is there, stored. Somewhere.

Who knows, if we use the right words with the right tone maybe one day the universe will respond.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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