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5 September 2019

Spain, Mexico, Cuba and Central America… They all have their own souls, from the cinema to the kitchen. Latin music, which warms our hearts when we hear, is one of the best contributions of these countries to the world.

In Latin music, which emerges with the humor that people in captivity want to express themselves, people sing and pour their sorrows into their tongues. Thus, with the synthesis of African-Spanish rhythms, Afro-Cuban music genre was formed.

Latin music, tango, salsa, bachata, regional Mexican music, merengue, Latin pop, Latin urban music, as well as many alternative genres. Some of these types we know from dance types;  salsa, which has a lively rhythm, is a combination of musical influences from Cuba and Puerto Rico, including musical styles such as mambo and Latin boogalo.

Tango has become a popular music genre with its emotional intensity. Tango from Argentina and Uruguay developed in the immigrant communities of Buenos Aires. Today it has become one of the most distinctive elements of Latin music. Merengue has changed and developed with different instruments.

If we look at the representatives of Latin music in the world, Selena Quintanilla Perez, known as the Madonna of Mexico and Queen of Tejano, is considered the best Latin artist of the 90s. Selena's life has been the subject of films and musicals. He has sold over 90 million albums worldwide.

Tito Puente, also known as the legend of Latin music, has put 6 Grammy awards into his 50-year musical career. He was also awarded the Best Latin Performance Award for  ‘Mambo Diablo.’

Shakira, from whom we dance while listening to her songs, became one of the Latin representatives of the new generation with her Middle Eastern and Latin melodies. Shakira, whose music is directed to international audiences, has become one of the Latin legends with over 70 million albums sold and 2 Grammy awards.

A club of members in Havana, Cuba, closed in the 1940’s; Buena Vista Social Club, after a break of 50 years, this band emerged as one of the most valuable representatives of the Latin Music repertoire of the period.

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