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Music and Dance

30 May 2019

Music is simply a set of sounds, coming together and forming an harmonic bond. But there is another component which is as important as the sound itself: silence.

In music, loudness and silence are in a dynamic relationship. Just like everyday life, the notes move and stay still in different times. This constant change of movement can be accompanied by another discipline: dance.

It’s pure, totally bodily and primitive. Dance has been a part of human life since the very beginning, although it was not a discipline in earlier times.

Dance and music form a strong connection, since they both serve to express feelings and can sync with each other.

Its primitive nature has shaped over time and dance became a fundamental part of modern life. As civilizations evolve and it became easier to experiment with different concepts, music and dance together became more and more powerful.

They together offer an experience of both auditory and visual - which makes almost half of our physical reality. This is why they are so powerful.

Opera is a great example of the togetherness of music and dance. Richard Wagner is considered to be one of the best opera composers of all time and influenced many artists from different disciplines.

Stage arts are great tools for delivering a feeling, message or a thought. As humans, we often find ourselves in situations of misunderstanding and lack of communication.

With the power of music and the elegance of dance, we can short-circuit these problems and get straight to the point. In the end, human life is mostly about delivering the message with as much accuracy as possible, eh?

With music and dance, you can communicate anyone in the world. They are both universal. They are both powerful.

They are maybe the two most humane things in our entire history.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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