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24 August 2019

Music touches every aspect of our lives and has an important place in the fashion sector. There is a bumpy but long-lasting relationship between fashion and music, both in terms of being an inspiration and exhibiting to the masses, while bringing together patterns and colors, giving concrete examples of imagination.

The music groups and artists followed by thousands of people appeal to the ears as well as their clothing reflecting their styles also affect the fans. Sometimes it's just an accessory that is worn, and sometimes it's important to carry the same style from head to toe. In the 60s, Janis Joplin's bracelets, unusual glasses, and wrist-to-elbow goggles became icons in a hippie style. Kurt Cobain's ripped patched pants and long lumberjack shirts have made him the hero of the grunge style. If we make a quick transition, the Yeezy brand of Rap fashion icon Kanye West is the closest indication that this effect is still going on in people.

When we get ideas about any place we are in, the first perceptions appear with the sound in the environment. In fashion shows where design products are presented, music is undoubtedly one of the biggest supports in reflecting the spirit of the resulting products. Graphic effects, minimal patterns, dark colors, pastel tones are mentioned in our minds are necessarily matched music. At the same time, we need music to raise the energy of the environment and calm down.

Musicals are also an example of the inseparable dual stance of fashion and music. The songs, which are sung on stage and accompanied by dance costumes, convey the subject to the audience visually and audibly effectively.

The Coachella Festival, where people buy their tickets months in advance, is the most lively representative of the fashion and music duo in recent times, as one of the world's popular festivals where icons compete in style and music comes to life.

In 2018, a fashion and music festival was held in Istanbul in our country when this partnership became a theme. The Vintage movement, which has been on the rise in recent years, has been determined as the music and fashion period of the festival. This determined vintage theme created a nostalgic atmosphere in the environment by not only representing a fashion trend of the period. Festival artists took the stage wearing costumes reflecting the theme. Thus, both period songs and period clothes met with the participants.

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