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The Soundtracks Of The TV Series - 2

18 June 2020

The harmony of music with the image can sometimes affect us as if we are experiencing a scene. So, which productions have been featured with their music recently? As musiconline, we present the rest of our The Soundtracks of the TV Series blog post.


For anyone who follows the "stay at home" calls during the first of the priority measures to be taken for the coronavirus, which has recently turned into a global outbreak, watching the series is one of the activities to be carried out at home. Many of us have been able to spend time on movies and TV shows that we have left in the middle of them before or that we would like to see them again. While this is the case, we have listed our readers who listened to the series suggestions, even if they have watched them before, from the series they can look at from a different perspective.

Let's take a look at the TV series that come to the fore with the music that is the sine qua non of the most impressive scenes from generic to background to effects.

La Casa De Papel

Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, The Professor... La Casa de Papel, one of Netflix's popular productions, and the characters of the series with different features are now on the agenda with the new season. ‘ My Life Is going on ’, which was released in Spain in 2017 and at a time of little interest, peaked when Netflix bought and released all rights around the world, came to the fore at least as much as the actors of the series. With the first season of the series we can not pass without mentioning its creator Álex Pina and the composer of the theme music Manel Santisteban, and also the Italian folk song Bella Ciao , which is on the agenda again in the world. Click for the full soundtrack.

True Detective

The American crime/drama series True Detective, which began airing by HBO in 2014, is also among the productions fronted by its soundtrack. ‘ The Handsome Family - Far from Any Road ‘ is as successful as the series itself, with its first season featuring names such as Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan. Click here to listen to the full list of names including Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Lera Lynn.


Suits, which started to air on the USA Network channel in 2011 and continue to be broadcast on Netflix, is the drama series, and its famous actors Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, as well as their music.
The series‘ soundtrack, ‘ Greenback Boogie ', which proceeds with a performance that would not be expected from a drama, belongs to the Ima Robot Group.. You can find the rest of the list here .


Bron/Broen (Bridge), which is very popular among the Scandinavian series, is a co-produced series in Sweden and Denmark. The soundtrack of Bron / Broen, which entered the series world in 2011, almost integrated each other and the song ‘ Hollow Talk belongs to Danish music band Choir of Young Believers.


Şahsiyet, (Personality) one of the most successful productions of Turkey, is at the last point of our Tv series suggestions. Haluk Bilginer, who plays the screenplay of Hakan Günday and the director of the series Onur Saylak, lead the way internationally with the award of ‘Best Actor’ at the 47th Emmy Awards.

The theme music of the TV series, which entered the top 40 in IMDb, with the theme of crime and tension, based on the retired courthouse officer Agâh Beyoğlu, who lived a hermit life in Beyoğlu, Istanbul’s famous district, also forced the upper ranks in digital platforms. At the time the series aired, Şahsiyet's original series soundtracks were again ranked 8th in the best of the week section on iTunes. It achieved great success by rising up the line. The original music of the series belongs to Sertaç Özgümüş and Güntaç Özdemir.

We will continue our series of blog posts that are published on many online content platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, BluTv, Puhutv, Amazon Prime, Youtube Red, Apple TV+ etc. and we will list the productions that stand out with their music.

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We wish you a healthy and musical week.

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