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Fine Arts

13 July 2019

The term “fine arts” was first used in French as “beaux arts”, literally meaning “fine arts”. It was mainly used to describe painting, sculpture and forms of visual arts. It also refers to any kind of art that excites people.

Nowadays, the term “fine arts” is generally used by the academia. Its initial purpose was to differentiate applied arts like textile from visual arts like painting. “Fine” part of the “fine arts” doesn’t indicate the beauty of the art but it’s used to specify the aesthetic side of this discipline.

To be more precise, types of art included under this term are literature, painting, architecture, music, theater and dance. Experts study fine arts under two main categories as traditional and modern time-wise. Painting, architecture and sculpture are named as visual arts, music and its derivations are named as phonetic arts, forms of art that mainly shaped around movement are named as rhythmic arts.

Fine arts is all about expression. Expressing emotions, thoughts and observations. The way of expressing these phenomenons have evolved throughout the history. Each era has its pros and cons but one thing is for certain - we’ve come a long way from cave paintings.

Art education has never been easy but has always been important. People, especially the young, who are interested in becoming a professional artist dedicate their childhood years for their dream.

It’ a tough road, but fulfilling for sure.

Luckily, things doesn’t have to be as traditional as they used to. With musiconline , you can always start your career in fine arts, specifically in music, anywhere any time. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection.

Art is, literally, on your fingertips!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!