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Best Music Apps

26 October 2019

While working, traveling, relaxing… Many of the best music applications that bring us the music that we need to listen to at many moments of our lives, or enable us to produce music, is the subject of this week's article.

Since smartphones have entered our lives, we don’t need to use Walkman, MP3 player and so on. The music applications that we download and use on our digital devices have made our lives easier by saving us from the search. Shazaming, listening to music from YouTube and creating playlists on Spotify are almost routine activities. Let's look at the best and paid music apps that you can use on your ios and Android devices.

  • Spotify: You have millions of songs to listen to, regardless of your device's operating system. Based on what you listen, it compiles music lists for you, songs that can be downloaded into the application, you can listen to the songs without the Internet and this application with the ability to play in the background, is not only the best music applications, but also in the first place in the list of best applications.
  • Shazam: This application annihilates the questions like “What was the song I heard the other day?”, “What is the name of this song?” While listening to the radio in the car or being played the song in your environment, it is enough to open and listen to the application to get the answers to your questions. You can get it for free on your Android and ios devices from Google Play and the App Store
  • YouTubeRed - YouTubeMusic: YouTube whose main goal is to share videos is one of the first channels for listening to music. It has been on the list of best music apps for us for a long time. YouTube Music is the new application with its features like listening to songs without ads, special playlists for you and offers you this opportunity for 16.99 liras monthly. For more information, you can read our ‘YouTubePremium and YouTubeMusic’ and ‘Listen to Music on YouTube’ articles!
  • GarageBand: With the desired musical instruments, sound beautification effects, indefinitely recording and many more features, Apple offers GarageBand as an application for those who want to make their own music. You can download the GarageBand installed on the new generation ios devices from the App Store.
  • Pi Mp3 Player: Pi Mp3 Player, which offers attractive interfaces to its users with four different themes, is another application that you can download for free to your Android devices. This application, which you can edit in accordance with personal tastes, also offers the possibility to use the songs you listen to as your ringtone.
  • Black Player: Offering the convenience of ad-free music listening on Android devices, Black Player also has many sound settings that may be of interest to you. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.
  • Musixmatch: Do you want to see lyrics of your newly discovered song? Then Musixmatch is for you! With the world's largest lyrics archive, this app provides free access to ios devices.
  • Shuttle Music Player: Another free app for your Android devices; Shuttle Music Player. The 6-band built-in equalizer offers powerful bass support; the Id3 tag is included in our list as an assertive application with its options such as the Id3 tag editing, folder browsing, and transferring to TV via Chromecast.
  • SoundCloud: Even if it is under the shadow of new applications, SoundCloud is one of the free applications that deserves to be included in our list with its features such as having more than 125 million songs content, the ability of uploading our own music, accessing to the song of the artist we want only with one click regardless of device for a long time.

As musiconline, the music applications we have chosen for you are here for now. When technology giants add new ones to their stores, we will continue to update our list. You can follow our blog and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be informed about our articles from here.

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