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25 July 2019

Social media, which we discover every day with the digital age, is an indispensable part of our lives. Sometimes we acquire information, sometimes we create networks and share. YouTube has been in our lives since 2005, where we can reach millions of songs without the need for any channels, without charge or subscription.

Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, two young people want to share their videos with friends at a home party built on this platform is the most clicked sharing site in the world today. It contains over 80 million videos with the “broadcast yourself” slogan. Even though it contains content videos and channels for every area we are wondering, listening to music, which is still its first aim, is the most preferred feature of the audience.

While CD prices were too high for the budget and tapes became nostalgic items, YouTube, where we could listen to every song we wanted everywhere, had solved this quality problem at the beginning, even though it did this service with low quality sounds at the beginning. Instead of paying sacks of money to music channels, many music companies uploaded their artists' video clips to YouTube, allowing them access to a serious audience in a short period of time.

Even though platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, which we have heard after YouTube and which we mentioned in our previous article, have been established for free use, the advertisements that last at least 30 seconds, direct those who want to listen to music at their computer. With add-ons to your browser, you can prevent 5-10 seconds of ads on YouTube from interrupting your music enjoyment. Using a multi-screen feature for Android devices and a third-generation Dolphin browser for Apple devices can help you listen to music in the background when you're busy doing something else.

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