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5 Reasons why music must be in your life

29 August 2018

Starting a new instrument or listening to popular music is the endless collective journey of human beings. Since it is the case, why do not we include music more often to our lives?

We talked about the influence of music on body and psychology in our previous posts. We know that how instruments such as violin, guitar, piano can reflect or even affect our emotions. The role that music plays in shaping the understanding of society and culture is also quite large. While the influence of the music on us is this big, we array 5 reasons for you to include more music in your life.

    • Learning to play an instrument to improve your social life;

You may be pleased with your social life already, but playing an instrument can add a new dimension to your social life. Of course, you can be one of those who prefer to experience music alone, but in general, the impressive future of music will draw people around you and make it easier for you to share your feeling and thoughts. Take along your instrument and go to a beach or a park and you will see that curios people start to gather around you. Who knows, maybe new friendships or groups will be there waiting for you.

    • Learning an instrument to improve your memory;

At the moment of playing an instrument, both lobes of your brain are used. While the right one, which is responsible for parts such as creativity, feelings, etc., is trying to experience and develop the music, the left one which has more responsibilities such as process capability and remembering, will work more efficiently to remember the notes and find the correct positions in the instrument key (the part in which the notes are found). This situation will allow your brain to develop consistently and provide an opportunity to develop new brain patterns as the name in literature.

    • Learning an instrument to improve your confidence;

Getting a new occupation, improving ourselves or trying to be better at a work helps building confidence in both children and adults. It is also good for the feeling of success and achieving the state of happiness.

    • Learning an instrument to improve your time management and discipline;

Developing ourselves in any way requires time and effort. Same logic can be applied for music. Achieving success on this long journey that starts from learning the notes to play top notch songs will surely develop skills of time management, self discipline and willpower to spend more quality time.

    • Include music in your life to improve your patience and learning spirits;

It is obvious that no ability is easy to gain, the same goes for playing an instrument well, singing a song and even dealing with any kind of art. You will improve your patience at the same time you improve your ability with training that you repeat continuously while you are moving forward to the better.
We have shared some of the positive aspects of music that will affect your life, and today register for musiconline for a more quality and social life.

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