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Apple Music vs Spotify

15 June 2019

The sun is shining, your eyes are slowly opening and you check your phone. What do you do after checking new notifications? Probably starting the day with some great music - well if you aren’t we highly recommend you to do so. But which platform is the best when it comes to listening to music?

As musiconline , we compared two of the most popular music streaming platforms of modern day: Apple Music and Spotify.

Don’t be fooled by its name - Apple Music is available for Android users as well. But it’s generally preferred by Apple users due to its Apple centered pros like iWatch synchronization, iTunes and iPod integration. Apple Music is hanging around since 2015 and growing everyday. It’s especially popular among podcast and radio audience - but it also offers around 50 millions songs which can be listened to without any ads.

Founded in 2008, Spotify is one of the great examples of Swedish innovation - but there were some problems of course.

The app was initially free for everyone but after going below zero by 4,4 billion USD, there was no other option than switching to the good old subscription system. For those who do not know, this is the system where you have to pay a certain fee for getting rid of ads. As of 2019, Spotify is reported to have 87 million Premium users - and a total of 200 million.

Spotify offers different pricing options: Premium, Family and Student. As you can guess, Student plan is the cheapest but you have to verify that you are actually a student by logging in to a universal system.

As musiconline, we prefer Spotify but to be honest - we love it because we’re more used to it. Apple Music and Spotify offers almost the same service, the biggest difference is their age - that’s it.

So which one is better Apple Music or Spotify? This is something to be thought about while relaxing with a good playlist

Stay with music :)

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