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Winter Songs

27 February 2020

We are in the harshest season of the new year. It may be a good idea to accompany us with songs that will warm ourselves in these cold weather, which makes us feel cold more and more ? Now, it is the order in the song lists according to the season, which has become a tradition; in Winter Songs

If you are not a Northern Game Of Thrones character, you may have difficulty adapting to winter the weather conditions are harsh during the winter months. :) Considering the structural differences of people living in different climates, we can say that the factors that affect us physically are reflected in our mood and emotions. The energetic mobility of the spring and summer months is replaced by a calm and melancholic mood in the autumn and winter months. While this is the case, it may be a good idea to watch outside, read a book or meditate while sipping a coffee on the steam in our spare time. But we think we need some music as well.

As musiconline, we have listed for you different types of songs that reflect the spirit of the winter season, and some of the lyrics that you can enjoy while listening to.

Neil Young - Winterlong

I waited for you, Winter long
You seem to be where I belong.
It's all illusion anyway...

Tori Amos - Winter

I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter
I put my hand in my father's glove
I run off where the drifts get deeper
Sleeping beauty trips me with a frown
I hear a voice ‘You must learn to stand up for yourself
Cause I can't always be around.’

Jane Morgan - So In Love

Strange, dear, but true, dear,
When I'm close to you, dear,
The stars fill the sky,
So in love with you am I.

Vaya con Dios - Je l’aime je l’aime

I love him, I love him
But I don't know why
I love him, I love him
Always, it seems.

Radio Tarifa - Mañana

Look at the clouds
Fields of rain
And the sun is not shining.

Nym - Cansaço

Whatever it's what I do or not, many others did the very same
And here's the source of my weariness :
To feel that whatever it's what I try to do,
Many others have tried the very same.

Ezginin Günlüğü - Leyla

It's snowing tonight, the city is so white
It takes a lifetime to understand why life gets dirty

Vega - Ankara

As the rain turns to snow
the ones that slowly floats to the road
a car full of strange lovers
who plays and sings songs

I one of the Lovers
you which i left behind
if you know who it is
say it...

We added as many beautiful instrumental winter songs to the sequel to these beautiful songs as they did.

Game of Thrones Cello Cover - Break of Reality
Gabriel Faure - Pavane
Balmorhea - Remembrance
Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata - Andantino
Chopin - Vals Op.64
Alef - Sol
Oi Va Voi - Nosim

That's not all, of course ? You can reach our full list from the spotify playlist link below. If you like our blog post, you can share it on the social media buttons below, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be instantly informed of new posts of musiconline .

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