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18 July 2019

Musicians want to share their music with the world usually. This sharing has been done in different ways throughout history. It is one of the curiosities of modern musicians that how to upload their music on spotify, which is one of the most common platforms in the life of everyone and where music is easily accessible.

The electronic revolution influenced music production as well as its consumption and distribution.

Years ago, music was in a system where recordings were taken in large and elaborate studios, these records were subjected to months of editing and then converted into physical copies and distributed to music markets.
But thanks to advancing technology, anyone with a simple knowledge of the computer and these issues can produce music. Nowadays, whether electronic music or any other genre - the analogue has become more and more capable of replicating the world day by day.

Similarly, anyone with the Internet could distribute his music, in other words, easily reach the audience.

Upload Music to Spotify

Today a musician has basically two options for uploading music to Spotify. First, one of Spotify's record labels is to publish a song on its own - which will deal with the distribution, and the second is to deal with companies that allow independent musicians to distribute.

This agreement is based on the following principles:
• The artist pays an annual fee to the distribution company.
• Through the panel provided by the company, they can upload their songs as they wish and follow their performance.
• In line Spotify’s own pricing system, artists make money from their music.
• The distribution company receives a small commission from the money earned and the artist can transfer the money to his account at any time.

So you can actually think of it as renting a shop. In the beginning, a money comes out of your pocket and it is entirely in your hands whether or not you turn the rented shop into a profit slot.

Contracted Distribution Companies

Spotify has lots of music distribution company. But the most popular trio among independent musicians is Distrokid, CD Baby and Awal. There are features that make each one different from the other. While CD Baby and Distrokid can be used by anyone who can afford the initial cost, Awal has a moderation system. Distrokid's contract options include the option to upload with multiple artist names. In fact, this is a great background for artists who want to set up their own record label in the future.

Awal is a platform established under the leadership of R3HAB, one world-famous DJs and they select artists based on their current digital performances. In summary, artists who do not have social media and who do not already have a mass cannot enter Awal.

The CD Baby is the simplest of these three. Give me the money, load the music, keep the income.

That's it. You now have all the information you need to upload music to Spotify! But unless you have good and acceptable music, it doesn't make sense to overload Spotify with new pieces.

At this point, we want to remind you that the internet is a great tool not only for music distribution but also for learning music. With musiconline , you can profit by online music lessons anytime, anywhere.

As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, starting your music career is just a click away!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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