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Music and Artificial Intelligence

8 November 2018

Artificial intelligence is getting bigger and bigger everyday. It has been rocking the technology world lately and now it's possible to make music with artificial intelligence.

As the term itself indicates, artificial intelligence aims to imitate human intelligence in a synthetic way. Starting off with mathematical models and areas of fundamental sciences, artificial intelligence is now used for not only music but also any type of creative activity.

Up until recently, the most prominent product of artificial intelligence in terms of music was Sony's Flow Machine, a robot that listens to The Beatles and produces similar pieces. It was not 100% robotic however, a little help was required during the composition process.

Nowadays, Amper's latest AI is quite popular with its ability to make music. Making music with artificial intelligence is so achievable nowadays Taryn Southern, a Youtuber, has recently released a single with Amper's technology.

Here is how it works: After inserting lyrics, it is required to give BPM, mood and genre as input. The rest is totally the work of the AI.

With the help of these technological advancement, it sure will be easier to make music. Even a top level producer or composer can benefit from such technology. Speaking of production, here is the very first product of Amper's AI, Break Free.

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