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Our Teachers

12 January 2019

Education is one of the most important tools these days. You may be determined and hardworking enough to gain certain knowledge, however you can always benefit from a good teacher. A good instructor can save you time and time is pretty pretty precious.

Knowledge is one thing, teaching is another. Memorizing technical details or literature about a topic is not enough to be a teacher. What makes teaching is both sacred and hard is being able to touch a soul in a delicate manner while transferring knowledge. It is fair to say that teaching is a form of art.

Any teacher should be strengthen their skills of their specialty with pedagogy training. This is crucial for being able to understand a student's psychology and helping them in developing their skills.

Teachers sit at the very core of education!

Boundaries of education is mainly shaped by teachers. To take it one step further, faith of masses are dependent on teachers. It is so fragile compared to other occupations a teacher can ruin a generation as well as can make it great.

Our mental health depends highly on the way we interact with our environment and peers during childhood. To be more specific, in school. And in school, teachers play an immense role on a child's character. They can be a role model for them or make their lives better.

Teaching Music

Music can be hobby for some or a profession for others. Musical products are generally most widely consumed globally so the interest in music is getting bigger everyday. Whether it is simply learning music or teaching it.

Of course, music education is a key to raise your stakes in music game. Especially starting music training at an early age pays off in the following years. People who have music training in their childhood likely to be more confident, focused and cooperative compared to others. The reason is simple. In a typical music lesson, you learn not only playing an instrument but also being able to distinguish different sounds and how they work with each other.

Getting back at the importance of teacher in education. It applies to music education, too! Even the process of choosing the right instrument is complex and a mistake can ruin everything. Choosing an instrument which is not proper with the proportions or physique of the student can cause permanent physical damage and hence, a trauma.

Teachers carry a huge responsibility and a teacher is the most important block of a nation. As musiconline , we would like to end this article with quotes from Turkey's Head Teacher Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

  • Teachers are the most respectful elements of humanity, all around the world.
  • New generations will learn the biggest lesson on republicanism from today's teachers and the teachers raised by them.
  • Teachers! Our republic requires guards who are high in quality intellectually, scientifically and bodily. It is your responsibility to make sure the new generations are raised accordingly.
  • Teachers; the new generation will be a masterpiece of yours.
  • Nations one and only saviors are teachers. A nation without teachers and instructors is not yet to be called as one.
Knowledge increases as it is shared!