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New Music Genres

15 August 2019

As we all know, music is a branch of art that emerged and became part of humanity. These major music genres can be listed as follows; classical music, jazz, blues, rock, progressive rock, metal, celtic music, rap, r&b, contemporary music, folk music and religious music.

We have detailed information about these music in our Music Genres article. These mainstream genres have created sub-new genres with the influence of electronic music in the last 20 years.

We can reach the songs we want to listen with the development of technology from many platforms. Spotify, one of the leading companies in the digital sector, has introduced new genres to its users and music lovers with the updated list of new genres. Let's take a look at what we have selected from this list as musiconline and what is popular music in recent times.

Our first interest is ‘Aggrotech’. This type of electronic music derives from a combination of industrial, techno, noise and trans elements. Aggrotech, which includes skewed and pitch shift vocals, is composed of a fast and danceable rhythm with militant lyrics.

Another is ‘Fingerstyle’. This is the technique of playing the strings of musicians' instruments with fingertips or fingernails. Although this technique has been used in classical music under the name pizzicato for centuries, it is used in revised instruments such as steel stringed guitar, acoustic guitar and ukulele. In particular, Merle Travis is considered one of the pioneers of this technique.

Footwork’ is a music and street dance genre in Chicago, featuring drum fills and applause. Dancers compete against each other with curves, turns and foot movements, which are appropriate for the fast rhythm of music in improvisation.

Medieval Rock’ is a kind of music that we can translate as medieval rock or medieval folklore rock. It has emerged with a blend of Renaissance and baroque music elements.

Ninja’ comes from the ‘Ninja Tune’ label, known for its groundbreaking hip-hop effects, pioneering its own underground electronic music brands since 1990 and known for the championship.

Vaporwave’ is composed of 80-90s corporate music and TV commercials music. In this type, the pitch and tempo are usually changed in the given examples. Manipulated by compression and echo.

New Weird America’ is a kind of Indie Folk / Rock music coming from the delusional people of the 60-70s. The genres influenced by New Weird America include metal, jazz, electronic music, world music, Latin, noise and even opera.

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