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Commercial Music

7 November 2019

Advertising, which is the most important tool in the fields of promotion and marketing, influences the audience in regards of the background music as well as the products. We have searched this year's most talked about and listened advertising music for you.

Here is the advertising music in 2019’s lists!

1. Huawei P Smart

Huawei, a Chinese brand, has become one of the most sought after in the Google Trend List with its new smartphone P Smart. Equipped with state of the art technology, the interest in the device is huge but one of the reasons for entering the trend list is music in its advertisement. Huawei’s first commercial film in Turkey, Güroymak Village, Tazı Canyon and the breath-taking views of the sunken city Halfeti met with the audience using the tag #SeninleAynıModda (thesamemodewithyou) Cenk Çelebioğlu's record-breaking music is used in advertising. This music, which was completed in a short time, seems to remain intact for a long time. If you've still not heard this ad music, click here.

2. Pepsi MAX

Pepsi, one of the oldest beverage brands in the world, organized the 2019 global UEFA Champions League campaign with the slogan “The Last can Standing” In the ad that #ForTheLoveOFit hashtag was used, as well as the famous football players like Leo Messi and Mohamed Salah, the music of the ad attracted attention. Click to listen or watch the commercial.

3. Fiat 500

The Italian car brand Fiat used the song “Just One Lifetime” by world-famous artists Sting and Shaggy in the February 2006 in the commercial of the adorable car Fiat 500. In our opinion, there is almost no chance that the song, which is a combination of these two names, will not give people pleasure. Click to listen and watch the ad!

4.Casper VIA G3

Offering great combination of blue and green with black, Casper VIA G3 attracted the attention of many people with its widescreen display and high resolution as well as the song played in the commercial film. The rhythm of Grace Mesa's “Boom Boom Boom” has been presented in harmony with the rhythm of the commercial. Click to watch.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10

We bring the end of the list with a technology giant. The Samsung Galaxy S10, which is an indispensable part of our lives, created an irresistible desire to receive from the phones with the latest technology features, not only with its new product, but also with the commercial film it released in February, it conquered the audience. Get Dat song from Rayell, which is used in advertising music, is used perfectly with neon visual effects in accordance with the rhythm. Click to watch!

In the nine months of 2019, we shared our list of the most sought-after and clicked advertising music. What commercials and music will we be impressed by in 2020? You can read musiconline's blog posts here. You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be notified of new posts instantly.

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