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20 September 2018

A brand-new formation for music sector; musiconline has started to provide service with its online music lessons!

The most beneficial effects of technology on our lives, especially in the last ten years, can be arrayed as information exchange and increase in social activity sharing. Now, we have more ideas about what is going on in the world and everything around us. Yet, it is also true that misconceptions and mistakes in information exchange cause info pollution. In recent years, platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter have been working to solve this problem by speeding up their works and developing authentication methods to prevent fake accounts and misleading pages. But it seems like to take a few more years for video platforms, especially educational and promotional content, to be authenticated and become completely reliable.

Nowadays, the time people has spared to learn the cultural science and to support personal development have started to increase with interest towards cultural activities and the rise in the formation of value consciousness which is in a sense the rise of a country culture levels. When we look at the percentage of learning desires, it is not wrong to say that music comes at first. Particularly, interests in local instruments and music tunes of regions come at first in the list.

The situation is not different in Turkey. Whether professional or amateur, music has become a major field of interest for all ages and crowds. Music groups that begin and grow in college, audio artist who provide individual services, amateur groups who produce content in online environment and many more continue their lives with their music and many choose music as the source of their livelihoods.

Televisions programs about music, domestic and international music competitions and much more of these are evidences for this situation. As the demand is this great, sectoral developments in music are also increasing. Such as opening local music courses and increasing quotas for music classes in public education centers. As a pioneer of these developments, musiconline has emerged as a result of two-year effort to become a reliable and easily accessible source of music information exchange. musiconline, aimed at making it easier for people to access the right information in the music industry and the instructor, has managed to become Turkey’s first online music lesson platform by bringing music culture and technology together. musiconline, growing and progressing with its expert instructor staff, continues its work to promote its voice abroad especially in Europe.

What exactly is this musiconline?

Musiconline is an online lesson platform aimed at bringing user and instructor together by using advanced technologies in an efficient, productive and economical way with a new understanding.

Aimed to be accessible from any environment through technology and to make life easier for users, Musiconline is proceeding with sure steps in this direction. We will continue to share about Musiconline and ideas we have developed.

To get detailed information and to join our trial lessons, you can email and you can keep up-to-date by following our blog posts.

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