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Am I Old For Violin?

10 November 2018

Violin, is a challenging musical instrument. The popular belief that one must start learning violin at an early age, prevents many adults from kicking off their violin career.

Can one be considered as "too old" for violin?
Let's take a closer look to violin, the bright star of plucked instruments.

Originated in Italy, 16th century, Brescia and Cremona are the very first places violin production began at. Violin has the widest range of octaves compared to any other instrument in plucked family. It is fair to say that violin is suitable for almost any tone.

A violin has four strings. By tone and in ascending order, these strings vibrates for the following notes: G (sol), D (re) , A (la) and E (mi). Strings are offered in six different types in terms of length: 1/16, 1/8 , 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 ve 4/4. Proper string length is determined by the student's physical traits and proportion.

"Violin is like a dance, performed by the brain and the hand. One being fully aware of the notes, while the other lands on the strings."

Going back to our initial question, the importance of age in terms of learning violin is highly dependent on goals.

If one sees the violin as a hobby tool, as something the simply play with in spare time, then one has nothing be afraid of in digging into it. However, if the goal is more competitive, or to become a professional, then age is sure a crucial factor. The reason lies behind the anatomies of both violin and human body.

Violin requires no less than excellence and perfect reflexes. An average human's ability to land reflexes perfectly decays over time, especially after age of 25. Although it is not certain, one must realize that this is serious issue in getting competitive or professional with highly reflex-dependent musical instruments.

However, Shinichi Suzuki can be considered as one of the greatest counter examples to this situation. Kicking off his career in violin in middle ages, Suzuki is one of the most prominent figures in entire music history. This proves that dedication itself is enough to overcome any situation.

If there is no physical or mental disability to do so, there is no barrier in learning and making music as an hobby.

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Always remember, everyone can make music!

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