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Who is Beethoven?

6 April 2019

Those who have an interest in classical music have heard his name at least once. A genius, who wrote his best pieces when he was almost completely deaf and a great inspiration for young musicians. Ladies and gentlemen: Ludwig van Beethoven.


Born in Bonn, Germany, Beethoven was one of the most prominent figures of German Romanticism. His father was also a musician, and his grandfather, too! Thanks to his father Johann Beethoven's music lessons, Ludwig van Beethoven has started his music career at a very early age.

Young Ludwig is known for his compositions for piano. He left home in his 20's, with the hope of 'meeting with Mozart'. Unfortunately, his mother's health condition worsened dramatically in a short period of time. Soon after her death, father Johann Beethoven started drinking to cooperate with the pain. Young Ludwig found himself in a position where he needs to stand strong and take care of the family.

However, Beethoven was a tough cookie. Never giving up in hard situations, he kept working and taking opportunities - one was coming across Joseph Haydn. Haydn was one of the most famous classical musicians in the time they met (1792), and gladly accepted Beethoven as a student.

Beethoven has never been in a hurry to complete his work. After starting working with Haydn, he didn't even finish a symphony properly for six years. 1798 however, was a critical year for Beethoven in two different ways: This is the year in which he finished his first symphony, and loss of hearing began.

His rising popularity and musical career is not damaged at all due to his illness. In fact, his fame was being spread wider and wider everyday. Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Jerome Bonaparte, who was the king of Westphalia, was a huge fan of Beethoven's music and offered to work for him. This offer soon lost its practicality, due to the era's chaotic atmosphere and Beethoven kept earning his life by composing at home and selling copyrights of his work.

While he was totally dominating music industry with his talent, Beethoven was constantly facing with tragedies in his personal life. He and Julie Guicciardi, member of a noble family, were in love with each other but Guicciardi's family prevented their marriage since Beethoven wasn't 'noble'.

He proposed Theresa Malfatti in 1810, in fact he has composed his famous Für Elise for this proposal. Yet again, he was declined due to his 'unnobility'.

Next year, Beethoven went to his doctor to take a consultation for his headache sessions. Listening to his doctor's suggestion, he spent some time at a spa center in Teplitz. During his time in Teplitz, Beethoven wrote the letter "Immortal Beloved" which we still aren't fully sure whom for.

Farewell angel of my heart. You, my everything, my happiness... everything – everything for you.

After his return from Teplitz, Beethoven found himself in a depression until Napoleon's defeat on battle Wellington. This defeat motivated Beethoven to finish his 7th Symphony and get back to his music.

After his brother Kaspar's death due to tuberculosis and losing his hearing ability completely, Beethoven kept holding on to his music. You may have noticed, we have never mentioned his famous 9th Symphony so far. It's because Beethoven composed this extraterrestrial piece when he was almost completely deaf.

Soon after completing 9th Symphony, he suffered from liver failure and kept most of his late years in bed rest.

Not all musicians are born for tragedy. In fact, tragedy is a far away scenario when you have every opportunity to start your music career. You can always get online music lessons with musiconline and become the best musician you can be.

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