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New Year’s Eve Advice

21 December 2019

New Year's Eve is coming and you still don't have a plan? If you have a Schengen visa or a green passport, as musiconline we have listed some advice for New Year’s Eve for you that you can spend the New Year's Eve with fun and live the spirit of it.

As we come to the end of 2019, making schedules for New year's Eve is all we have in common. Some of us organize house parties while others worry about travel plans. Today's blog post is more about travel plans. Let's take a look at which festivals are in which country on New Year's Eve.

It's always a good idea to go to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve. Amsterdam Light Festival and Awakenings Festival are held every year and Amsterdam is very beautiful on New Year's Eve with these festivals.. Held on the first two days of the new year, with predominantly techno and house music played, these two festivals are the first in our New Year's Eve advice.

Bansko Ski Fest is for you if you want to have fun and enjoy the winter! One of the most beautiful aspects of this festival is that it is close to Turkey. This festival, which takes place in Bansko, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, is home to famous DJs for 4 days and offers the opportunity to enjoy the snow with its wonderful tracks. If you say I like to eat and I am open to new tastes, we recommend this New Year's advice, where you can taste the flavors of Bulgarian cuisine.

If you say I should spend the New Year’s Eve in Turkey, welcoming the new year with a festival in our country can be a good idea. Winterfest , the annual music and entertainment festival in Uludağ, you can welcome the new year by skiing in the daytime or enjoying the snow and having a pleasant time with famous DJs and singers in the evening. And without having to think about the currency…

In this post, we shared our festival advice for those who want to experience New Year’s Eve differently. Next week, we will continue our advice for those who plan to welcome the New Year at home. If you like our blog post, you can share it on the social media buttons below, and subscribe to musiconline 's weekly newsletter to get instant access to new articles.

We wish you a pleasant New Year’s Eve in advance.

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