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Learn The Piano

22 August 2019

Piano… It is perhaps the most powerful tool invented throughout the history of humanity, which both rests the listener and storms in the soul. So what to do to learn the piano, where do start to learn the piano?


Before we begin, we must note that since Pianoforte, the piano has come a long way. With electronic tools, you don't even need a real piano to play the piano at home. With a MIDI keyboard and a computer program, you can create yourself a virtual piano. Because the accessibility of the piano was so easy, the most common mistake of those who wanted to start the piano was to try to learn on their own.

Maybe "Mistake" may not accurately describe this situation. But when there is no teacher / resource to guide when learning any musical instrument, not just the piano, students can move at a much slower pace than their potential.

Resources for piano learning are divided into two: physical and electronic. Examples include physical resources, piano books, music schools or piano courses. Examples of electronic resources are online music lessons, piano practices and electronic books written to teach piano.

Five years ago, if you asked which option was more practical, we would show you physical resources without thinking. But thanks to the advancing technology, the difference between physical experience and electronics has decreased so much that we can say that electronics has become more advantageous than physical because of its ease of transportation!

Let's think like that. If you wanted to learn music theory many years ago, your only option would be to find a professional who specializes in it, or physically go to a store and buy a music theory book. But today, thanks to the Internet, not only is it possible to learn piano, but also to study all areas of music.

We can list what you need to learn piano as follows:

  •  Piano (or keyboard)
  •  Discipline
  •  A good guide

If you think like, "So, where do I find a good guide?" musiconline is here for you. As we have just mentioned, technology not only facilitates access to musical instruments, but also facilitates access to music education! With musiconline , you can enjoy online music lessons anytime, anywhere. Once you're willing, music is literally at your fingertips!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!