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Producing Music

15 November 2018

There are tons of artists and professionals, signed by record labels and organizations. What about those who are not able to showcase their talent due to insufficient resources? Do you need to spend thousands to share your music with masses?

Back then, the only way to produce good quality music was going to a studio and recording. With the help of technological advancement, it is now possible to produce music in your personal computer, at your home. As musiconline, we listed some tips for those who are confident with their musical skills and determination but do not know how to level up.

1) Specify your genre

Get educated about genres and determine which one is your favorite, or you are most comfortable to start with. There are many genres and sub-genres out there - pop, rock, classical, jazz and the list goes on... Pick one and dig it.

2) Improve your musical skills by listening to music, a lot

One of the best ways to improve your production quality is to listen to other musical pieces. Music is all about expressing oneself and your skill of self-expression can benefit hugely by listening to others. Listening to good quality music is an essential step for producing good quality music.

3) Find the proper techniques

There is no way to distribute your music without recording it. And when it comes to recording a musical piece, boy oh boy... The topic is far bigger than we can explain here. But, we can give you some clues! Start out by searching "recording techniques" and pick the most suitable ones for you, according to your preference of genre.

4) Consider learning an instrument

Learning to play an instrument thoroughly will ease your creative work flow. As you get more familiar with musical notation and the theory, you will find your muse more easier than before.

5) Plan your production flow beforehand

Music production, is the simply activity of arranging different elements in the most harmonious way. The process of producing is similar to cooking: the food (output) may not be edible when under or over cooked. The bottom line is, planning out your process before getting down to work helps to come out with optimal results.

If you are looking for a place to start with, we recommend Pro Tools, Logic X or Garage Band. All are designed for the same goal, but has different user interfaces. If you are a beginner, getting confused over details will not matter, so simply pick the one you like the most and start tweaking.

Is it simply enough to learn using digital audio workstations?
Of course not ? There are tons of other important details in music production. Such as studio design, isolation, choosing the proper microphone, sound effects and design. It is a never-ending realm.

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