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Freelance Voice-Over Artistry

9 March 2019

Technology creates brand new career opportunities. Narrating as a freelancer is one them.

First of all, what is voice-over narration?

Putting it simply, voice-over narration is reading a script out loud with intonation and accentuation indicators. Voice-overs aim to transfer certain emotions to the consumers of the visual or auditory media.

Voice over artists are quite essential for the media industry. Each and every individual has a different tone of voice. If you consider to become a voice over artist, this is both challenging and promising. It is challenging due to the competition. However, it is promising since your unique style may be 'the one' for anyone out there!

Now, you are confident with your voice, toning and pronunciation and want to become a voice over artist. But how?

  1. First and foremost, you will need some money. No, money can't talk for you but it can buy you good quality recording equipment! Only with good quality equipment you can nail those home recording sessions.
  2. Secondly and especially if you are just beginning, you will need to invest some time in this. Listening to your recordings again and again for comparison is a crucial step in voice-over narration.
  3. Once you are good enough to sell your service to others, you will have to make a decision between working as a freelancer or for an agency. Both has their pros and cons.

Working for an agency

We've just stated that voice-over narration will require some capital at the beginning. Working with an agency will reduce the initial cost big time. However, the money you earn will highly likely stay the same for long time since you will not be able to determine who to work with or how much to charge your clients.

Working as a freelancer

With this choice, you're destiny is on your hands. You can determine your work hours, who to work with or how much to charge. But, regardless of the field, working as a freelancer requires a good game plan, confidence and network. Distributing service is much easier compared to old times, thanks to internet. So if you have the right equipment, plan and network you can easily make more money with less stress.

No matter which method you choose, building a showcase or a portfolio is a must for voice over narration. You may wonder, how can one build a portfolio for something totally auditory? No worries, you can use or
 for places to begin with!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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