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  • Instructor Seda Aksak , Birol Aydın, Samhal Mammadov
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Online violin lessons provide you with access to reliable information and content by our experienced trainers without leaving your home or wherever you like.

Our trainers create a program based on the student’s age, musical knowledge, if any previous instrument experience, and share their experiences with you. If you want, you can join our free trial lessons, or you can request one-on-one meetings with our trainers.

What is the violin?
Each instrument that reached Asia through Rebec in Europe and played in the medieval period (476 – 1492 AD) was called violin / violon. Soprano voice in the 16th century, A 4-string wooden instrument called “French work small violin (piccolo violino alla francese)”, stuck between the jaw and the shoulder and played with an arc (bow), became widespread and accepted throughout Europe in the 17th century. 

The violin, which is the smallest and slender voice member of the stringed family, is tuned as G – D – A – E.

Playing Violin
Violin learning is a process that differs completely from person to person, which means that there are actually more than one factor that influences the playing of the violin.
Some of those; the duration of study, the support of trainers, join lessons regularly, productive work and talent. But, you can reach the basic level within approximately 3 months with a standard start.

Is It Hard to Play Violin?
The more you practice, you will learn faster playing violin and the you will reach your goals faster.If you are working with the right instructor and program, you can easily learn violin with pleasure.

Violin Lesson with musiconline
Learning to play an instrument with your own effort at home is an annoying and painful process with more. Unfortunately, it is not possible to learn playing violin by watching video. For this reason you should get help from a professional trainer.
Trainers with different expertise on musiconline help you build confidence and play your playing technique while playing your instrument.

Is it Possible to Learn to Online?
Yes, we are assertive in this regard 🙂
This is possible to your effort, desire to learn and the methods we have developed. By participating in our trial lessons, you can experience online music lessons for free.

Our Aim;
It will be useful to set a preliminary goal when you want to start playing the instrument. For this reason, we recommend the following violin works and our spotify list.

Famous composers and violin works;
J.S. Bach – Sonatas and partitas for solo violin
Antonio Vivaldi – Violin Concertos and Four seasons
Arcangelo Corelli – Violin sonatas
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart –Violin Concertos
Ludwig van Beethoven –Violin Concerto and Romance
Niccolo Paganini – 24 caprices for solo violin
Pablo de Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen
Fritz Kreisler – Liebesfreud , Liebesleid , Praeludium and Allegro in the Style of Pugnani

For more information on violin works and virtuosos please do not forget to look at the our blog.

Click for our Spotify list.

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