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What is solfege?
Solfege, which is called as general music initial education, is a study done by saying the names and tones of notes for ear education which is one of the basic elements in music education. Singing with the name of a kind of note can also be tried.
Solfege information includes first musical information such as notes, keys, defects (modifier marks), tonality, gums, intervals. Writing the melodious notes is called dictation of music. *

What is music theory?
The theory defines the basic building blocks of music. The terms porte, note, articulation, keys, tone, scale, rhythm, melody, harmony are at the beginning of these building blocks. Music theory, in other words, defines the rules of the music language and explains their use.

Solfege and Theory Courses with musiconline
Online solfege and theory lessons provide you with access to reliable knowledge and content by our experienced trainers without leaving your home or wherever you want.
Our trainers with different expertise will help you develop confidence about music reading.

Is it Possible to Learn to Online?
With your effort, your desire to learn and the methods we have developed, you can improve your music knowledge in a short time by taking remote solfege-theory lessons.
In your solfege lessons, your trainer will be able to easily hear and say voices in the presence of piano, midi instrument or piano applications. You can complete the solfege – theory lessons quickly by practicing during the lessons with the free applications that your trainer recommends.
We are assertive in this regard!
You can experience online solfege – theory lessons by participating in our trial lessons.

Our Aim;
It will be useful to set a preliminary goal when you want to play the instrument.
For this reason, we recommend that you listen to music in different genres and try to play at least one instrument. In our spotify list, we brought together important works of classical music with examples from different periods.

For more information on violin works and virtuosos please do not forget to look at the our blog.

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* References; Müziğe Giden Yol – Lale Feridunoğlu