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Online drum – percussion lessons provide you with access to reliable information and content by our experienced trainers without leaving your home or wherever you like.

Our trainers create a program based on the student’s age, musical knowledge, if any previous instrument experience, and share their experiences with you. If you want, you can join our free trial lessons, or you can request one-on-one meetings with our trainers.

What is Percussion?
The word percussion comes from the terms ‘percussio’ and ‘percussus’ in Latin. Meaning of the word; percussion, which is a hit, is the general name of percussive instruments that are also stolen by hand. Percussion instruments generally determine rhythm in a piece of music. Especially the orchestras are indispensable. But percussive instruments can also perform melody at the same time.

What is the drums?
The battery(drums) comes from the word Battere, meaning to hit it in Italian. In the orchestra or jazz ensemble, the stringers are called Battery(Drums). Another name for drums(battery) in classical music is drum. At the same time, in the 18th century, the play style emerged with the aim of embracing the clavichord music was also called drums(battery).

Playing Drums and Percussion
The drum is played with sticks (sticks) called baguettes. Percussion is usually played by hand.
In general, percussion instruments are types of instruments that progress more quickly than piano and string instruments. However, as with any instrument, playing percussive instruments is a process that is labor-intensive and completely different to the individual. Particularly those with rhythm ear strength learn the percussive instruments more easily.

Drum / Percussion courses, training support, regular attendance, efficient working infrastructure and talent support the course significantly. If your rhythm ear is strong, you can complete the initial level in a short time with about 1 hour of work per day.

Drum – percussion lessons with musiconline
Learning to play an instrument with your own effort at home is an annoying and painful process with more. Unfortunately, it is not possible to learn playing violin by watching video. For this reason you should get help from a professional trainer.
Trainers with different expertise on musiconline help you build confidence and play your playing technique while playing your instrument.

Will the remote drum – percussion lessons be useful?
Yes, we are assertive in this regard 🙂
This is possible to your effort, desire to learn and the methods we have developed. By participating in our trial lessons, you can experience online music lessons for free.

Our Aim;
It will be useful to set a preliminary goal when you want to start playing the instrument. For this reason, we recommend the following percussion instruments works and our spotify list.

songs whose percussion instruments in front;
Carl Orff – Carmina Burana
Ludwig van Beethoven – 9th Symphony
J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue BWV 565
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No.5
Johannes Brahms – Symphony No. 1
Giuseppe Verdi – Requiem
Antonin Dvorak – Symphony No. 8

For more information on percussion works and virtuosos please do not forget to look at the our blog.

Click for our Spotify list.

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