Frequently Asked Questions

musiconline is an online music lesson platform aimed at bringing the user together with musical training in a new understanding, efficient and economical, using developing technologies.

online lessons is the type of lesson that the trainer and the user communicate via computer, tablet or phone after reservation. you have to interactively join the conversation by clicking on the link to the beginning of the lesson that we have already sent to you.

Thanks to our webinar system, you can attend 7/24 online courses anywhere with internet connection and you can find the opportunity to repeat and update your information by accessing the course video recording for 7 days. high quality with the possibilities provided by technology and appealing to every segment of every age, musiconline supports the personal development of the individuals trapped in working life. music online also serves as a bridge that connects users with trainers who live in different cities or countries.

Users under the age of 18 need to Request membership by their parents in order to use the system. after the trial class, your child can participate in the course from anywhere on the computer and the internet. having your children access to accurate information and in a reliable environment is one of the things we care about. therefore, the system we use is Coppa compliant. for more information, see “Coppa compatibility and applications for children”.

music is a communication tool. just watching videos and trying to apply the watched information will passivate the user and restrict sharing of information. If you join online lessons, you can communicate with your trainer and exchange information.

our system is compatible with all browsers, apple and android phones and tablets. course registrations can only be accessed from your membership panel at your music online and you can access them for 7 days from any device.

downloading of records, sharing in public places or for commercial purposes is prohibited.

individual lessons are automatically canceled online if you are not attending on time because it is only for you. in group lessons, even if you miss the lesson time, you can access the past video recording of your course from your membership panel.

even if your online instructor don't live in Turkey, you can have free face-to-face interviews and lessons with your instructor at our meetings we organize twice a year. Our users who meet from outside the city can request the transportation and accommodation organization by communicating with us.