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evgeny grinko

Who is Evgeny Grinko?

2 July 2020

The famous musician; Evgeny Grinko, who reached his peak in his twenties with a musical style that changed radically, but did wonders with the piano he learned afterwards, is the subject of this week’s blog post.   Born in 1984 in a small settlement in…

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2000s in Music

27 June 2020

As important as being a child in the ‘90s, and if there is anything to talk about, it is being a teenager in the 2000s. Everyone who came to the world in the ‘90s knows that technology was neither present nor existed during the adolescence…

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Soundtracks-Of-TV Series

The Soundtracks Of The TV Series – 2

18 June 2020

The harmony of music with the image can sometimes affect us as if we are experiencing a scene. So, which productions have been featured with their music recently? As musiconline, we present the rest of our The Soundtracks of the TV Series blog post.  …

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Road Trip Songs

11 June 2020

Travel, fancy or must journeys… Sometimes in congested traffic, sometimes on long journeys, the songs that bring joy are a distraction for some of us, while for some of us it is a must-have companion. In this week’s blog post on musiconline, we have listed…

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60s in Music

6 June 2020

1960s… When both innovation and confusion were blended all around the world. As musiconline, we explored the ’60s, which witnessed the emergence of many new genres, in our blog series where we examine changing musical styles every 10 years. 90s, 80s, 70s and now let’s…

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How Many Octaves Has My Voice?

30 May 2020

As musiconline, this week’s blog is one of the first things that newcomers start to sing; we looked at the answer to the popular question of singing lessons, ‘How many octaves has my voice?’   One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘how many…

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Turkish Folk Music

16 May 2020

As time passes, it doesn’t spoil its magic, never loses its value as a musical genre: Turkish Folk Music. In this week’s blog post, musiconline explored Turkish folk music genre for you, which amazes with its unique tunes, and we present the best examples to…

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Babies and Music

2 May 2020

Babies… Educators and researchers, especially parents researched about the development process of babies in the womb and after birth and applied which factors or factors caused which effects for years. As musiconline, we investigated the ear development of babies, the most appropriate and best music…

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Solidarity Funds for Musicians

25 April 2020

As the negative effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on health continue to increase day by day, many sectors are at risk of a deep economic collapse. So how is the process progressing in terms of the millions of musicians whose livelihoods have been affected by the…

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Online-Music Lessons

What are Online Music Lessons?

16 April 2020

Words that we all heard frequently in recent days; online interview, online courses, teleconference and distance education… So how much information do we have about online classes? Is it possible and useful to take an online music lesson? As musiconline, we tried to answer the…

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