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Mozart’s Masterpieces

5 December 2019

If you ask for the name of a unique composer whose supremacy has not been discussed for ages, the answer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this article, we reviewed for you the works of the composer with the absolute ear, which fit more than 600…

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Voice Beautification Techniques

30 November 2019

Almost all of us want to have a beautiful voice for both social and professional reasons. In this article, as musiconline, we tried to answer frequently asked questions such as “What are the techniques of voice beautification, what should we do to beautify our voice,…

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Balkan Music

28 November 2019

‘Balkan music’ is so moving and exuberant that it will change your heart rhythm. Besides its cheerful, rhythmic structure, it bears the traces of bloody wars, brutal massacres, migrations and many other events. That’s why the lyrics of the songs and their music float in…

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Hans Zimmer and Soundtracks

21 November 2019

As a continuation of our recent Soundtracks article, we examined Hans Zimmer, one of the first names to come to mind when it comes to soundtrack and the history of the soundtrack for you. It is the music that gives life to film in cinema….

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Who is Lindsey Stirling?

16 November 2019

We get to know Lindsey Stirling, the American performance artist who works wonders with her violin and wipes the rust out of our ears, and offers a visual feast with dance shows, in this week’s article. Who is Lindsey Stirling with her sympathetic manners and…

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Unforgettable Songs

9 November 2019

Unforgettable songs that we couldn’t help ourselves with accompanying them while playing are the subject of this week’s article. As musiconline, we have selected some of the songs that have not been forgotten until 1930s, 50s, 70s, 2000s and today. Here are the unforgettable songs…

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Commercial Music

7 November 2019

Advertising, which is the most important tool in the fields of promotion and marketing, influences the audience in regards of the background music as well as the products. We have searched this year’s most talked about and listened advertising music for you. Here is the…

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Basic Music Terms 2

31 October 2019

In our opinion, we have selected ‘Basic Music Terms’ that the first step of the learning stage for musical behaviour changes from ‘The Term of the Week’ and ‘The Question of the Week’ contents that we regularly share in our social media accounts. Music is…

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Best Music Apps

26 October 2019

While working, traveling, relaxing… Many of the best music applications that bring us the music that we need to listen to at many moments of our lives, or enable us to produce music, is the subject of this week’s article. Since smartphones have entered our…

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8d music

19 October 2019

When it comes to immersive music, the first thing that comes to mind lately is 8D music. It appeared a few years ago and has been heard by more and more people since the first few tracks were published online on YouTube. “So, what exactly…

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